Thursday, May 29, 2008

Oh So Close

Today I went for another appointment with the OB and to my surprise, I had really high blood pressure. Like, really high! I believe it was 142/90 which is not good at all. The doctor said that if my blood pressure didn't go back down within two to three hours they would induce me. I got really nervous and quite excited all at the same time. Well, I was in the hospital hooked up to all the equipment within 30 minutes of the first blood pressure measurement and it had already gone back down to 122/70! Needless to say they sent me home without a second thought. So here I am, still pregnant, writing on the ol' blog.

As for the appointment, I was still dilated to a one. Ugh, one is the loneliest number! She did say the baby dropped a little more (not much) and she didn't say that whether or not I have effaced anymore. To be honest I was so distracted by the high blood pressure, I didn't pay very good attention. She did strip my membranes and I want to believe that it is working. I don't know if its my imagination but, I think I am having more contractions and they feel a little stronger than what I have been used too. I guess time will tell. The doctor said if it is going to work, labor usually starts within 24-48 hours. I guess that will give me something to blog about tomorrow. Till then.


Candace Duce said...

Oh my goodness, that would do me in for a whirl!! How crazy!

So they stripped your membranes...that'd be sooo cool if you went into labor soon - so jealous. (Did it hurt when they did it?)

Brandon and Katie said...

Stripping your membranes? Sounds like it hurts. I hope your little man comes out soon!