Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Baby Update

I went to my appointment today and got an update on baby Colton. I am STILL dilated to a one! Ugh, I don't even like to talk about that because it is so frustrating to even think about! I have been a one for four weeks now! Also, the baby is a -3 which is the highest up he could be! I don't know what happened because he used to be between -1 and -2 (which is lower than -3)...... doctor said she may have measured where he is during a contraction which messed up the measurement. Weird. Well, with all that non progressing news, I have effaced to 70%! That makes me feel better about things. Anyways, the doctor asked if I wanted to set up an induction date. I said that I do want one but, that I wanted her opinion. She said we should most defanitley set one up! The baby is weighing just over eight pounds (that is her guess) so waiting much longer is not the best idea. Therefore, I will be induced on Friday! They are going to try the gels. I guess they put some gels in you that help you thin, dilate, and get contractions going. So, 7:30 AM, I will be in the hospital. Hopefully they work because there is a chance they will not work for me. Keep your fingers crossed!


Candace Duce said...

I know, unbelievable that we'll both be mothers by the end of this week! It's so reassuring to hear your sister in law did the same kind of induction that i'll be doing. Phew! I hope yours goes super well!! I can't wait to see what Kristie and Colton look like...ahhh!

Jess said...

I'm still crossing my fingers that something will happen before Friday. Hurry up baby Colton.

Jess said...

By the way, forget BK, you need something spicy to get things going, maybe some General Tsu's chicken, is that even spicy? I stay away from the spicy so I'm not even sure. Loved your comment!! Isn't Jared a crack up?

Lybbert's said...

Owie Zowie! Good grief! Hope it goes FAST!

Jihan said...

I'm still in shock you're pregnant, let alone going to be a mother this week.
I love you char!
You're going to be a fantastic mother!
xo J