Friday, June 20, 2008

Uncle Dave's Quick Visit

Dave Walburger (Parker's brother in law) was flying through Phoenix on his way to Flagstaff last Friday so we all piled in the car to go see him during his layover. Dave is the last of the immediate family to see the twins in person. He held them the entire two hours of his layover (mind you, the twins weigh 40 pounds!), he never wanted to put them down. It was so sweet! On the way to the airport, we couldn't stop laughing at the car full we had. Four babies, and four adults. It was one packed car!

You can also see the twins new car seat. I guess it isn't so "new" anymore however, it works great and it would definitely save their lives in a car wreck. The only way I can think to compare it to is a regular infant car seat. It has a harness system like a regular car seat, this one straps them in laying down rather than sitting up. It was engineered by a very kind man in Utah, he did the whole thing for free.

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Scott's said...

Hey Parker, your wrong. Brent hasn't been able to see the twins in person yet. I guess he isn't considered part of the immediate family. I'll let him know he has been disowned..:)