Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers Day!

It is Parker's first official Fathers Day with an actual child! I am so proud to call him my husband and it makes me so happy that we have a little boy together. Parker is a great dad! He does such a great job with Colton and even better, he makes sure that I am well taken care of. Just last night, Colton was fussing while I was trying to get to bed. Parker came right in and grabbed him, settled him, and then put him back down, all to make sure I got a good nights rest. Parker, without me having to ask, gets up and grabs Colton in the middle of the night so I can nurse him. Not to mention the countless number of diapers that he changes, both day and night. I have a great husband, I am proud to call him mine!

Like father, like son. Look at those pouty faces!

I am working on getting a serious picture of the two of them!


Laura said...

Aw :) Cute pictures! I'm so glad you update often -- I love your posts!

Lyndsey said...

Ok this is so cute!! Way to go Parker. Don't stop helping Char woth all of that. I promise that she will always appreciate it even when you have the 10th kid. Ahhaha

s all 3 of you!!!

Lyndsey said...

that was supposed to be
Loves to all 3 of you

Jess said...

Love the pouty cute!! I love the new look of the blog, and the baby's nursery turned out sooo cute. It's so fun to hold baby Colton, thanks for sharing!!!

Marianne said...

What a goof! But what a sweet and thoughtful Dad and husband too. Good job Parker! Keep that up!