Saturday, June 21, 2008

Colton's Two Week Appointment

Yesterday Colton had his two week visit with the pediatrician. I am happy to report that he is a really healthy baby. He is now 9 pounds which is crazy. He has put on 12 ounces in 10 days! The doctor said I do a really good job feeding him which makes me laugh when I think about it. They also measured him and he is now 21.5 inches long, he has put on a half inch since birth. That puts him in the 70% for weight, and the 75% for height.

I also had an appointment 2 days ago. Doctor said my incision is healing nicely which is a relief. I still get some serious pain when I twist or bend but other than that, I back to normal activity. Well, I can't say I do a whole lot but, I am out and about. Hooray for everyone being healthy and happy!

This picture puts a smile on my face! I guess I caught him off guard.

Happy little baby..... not sure what is up with the flared nostrils. He always does that!


Jess said...

He is getting big sooo fast! He is so cute!!!

Candace Duce said...

Yay! Glad things are going well! That is such a cute shirt too!