Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Babies, Babies, Babies

Candace (Frank) Duce, and Mackenzie (Krouse) Orgil, and I all had our babies within two weeks of each other! Candace and I actually had our babies on the same day, although Colton is older by about 10 hours (I think). Anyhow, all three of us have stayed in touch so we thought it would be so much fun to get together while I was in town. Although you can't tell in the pictures, Colton was quite a bit bigger than the other two babes, I don't know where this kid gets his height but I like it! It was a blast to have the babies together and it was even more fun for the moms to chit chat about baby stuff. Hopefully we can do this again soon!

These first two are the best we got of all three of them collectively. 

From left to right: Kristie, Colton, Will

Kristie wasn't too sure about Colton...

I think Colton was trying to get revenge!

I love that Kristie and Colton are staring at Will because he's crying. I don't know why but that cracks me up! Perhaps Will felt intimidated?


Whitney and Allen Bennett said...

OMG look at those babies. So darn cute! They all look like their parents! :) I bet that was so fun for you three!

Candace, Jason & Kristie said...

Dog gonnit.......why didn't we get a picture of the three of us?! =)

I love our babes. =)

Laura said...

Your kid has the funniest smiling face ever. It makes me smile every time I see pictures of him looking like that! :)

Kevin said...
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Autumn said...

Hey Char! So I found your blog...hope you don't mind the stalking! How are you? Colton is getting so big! He's adorable!