Tuesday, January 06, 2009


With all the snow, we couldn't help but go sledding! There was a major shortage of sleds at all the stores but Parker called around and found a few at Big 5 sporting store. We picked up the sleds,  picked up Shelly, left Colton with Grandpa and Grandma B. and off we went to the golf course! For those of you in the Mukilteo area, this is on the golf course at hole #11 (also the One Club House Lane entrance, the middle one) and it is a BIG hill! Shelly and Parker had the best video's and here they are for your viewing pleasure!

Shelly and I at the top of the hill.

Char and Parker at the top of the hill.

Shelly waiting to go down!


Lyndsey said...

Ok this made me laugh so hard!!! I felt like I was right there with you guys but with out the whole being cold part. Seriously Shelly laughing and your whole commentary. . . Awesome.

Clev Clan said...

You guys are out of control!! Wish we could have been there, my kids would have loved it!!

Candace, Jason & Kristie said...

Holy crap, i had no idea those hills existed! Now I'm bummed we missed out on some good sledding!

WhitParks said...

OK, I was totally just giggling my guts out. Oh I wish I was there with you so bad! Reminds me of when we got the big snow of 1991 (?) or something like that and we went sledding in Mahalo and Nicole and Lyns and I all went off a jump in a plastic sled together...we hit so hard I swear my tail bone was bruised for like a year!

Jolene (and my sweet husband Kevin) said...

That was too funny. I miss the snow, but not enought to brave that hill! :)