Monday, January 12, 2009

Seminary Reunion

While in Washington, a friend organized a seminary class reunion. It was tons of fun however, we were missing three people. Two classmates and the teacher. We knew two classmates were not going to make it but the teacher bailed on us last minute! We all showed up to her house (where we were supposed to party) and there was a note on the door saying she was spending time with her daughter and grandkids. We were all a little bummed (and I'm not going to lie, seriously annoyed) that we weren't going to see our favorite teacher but we ended up going to a small coffee shop (ironic, since we drink sooo much coffee ;) ) that overlooked the sound. It was great to see everyone and catch up everyones lives. Til' next time!

A little unsure about each other...

Ryan said this is the first time he had ever held a baby. He was a natural.

Candace holding Colton. Candace has a little girl named Kristie and our kids were born on the same day!

Katie and Mallory.

Colton checkin' out Kristie.

The whole class (minus two and the teacher).

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